Bring Your Breakers Into the Modern Era

We'll take care of your service panel upgrade near Somerset, New Brunswick, NJ & surrounding

When there's an issue with your service panel, it affects the whole rest of the building. For adjustments and replacements, get in touch with Norman Ray Fisher Electric. We can perform a service panel upgrade and change out your old panel with a newer, more efficient one.

We'll make your home operate more effectively. Do you have to keep using extension cords and power strips to plug in appliances? We can upgrade your panel and add more outlets throughout your house.

Amp upgrades are available in the following increments: 60 to 100, 100 to 200 and 200 to 400. We can also change out fuses for circuit breakers. If you've blown a fuse or your breakers won't stop tripping, let us know. We offer 24-hour emergency service.

Call 732-873-8668 today to request a service panel upgrade in Somerset, NJ.

Know when you need an electrical panel upgrade in Somerset, NJ

Once you know the signs to look out for, the question of when to replace your electrical panel won't be a mystery. You'll know it's time for an electrical panel upgrade when:

  • You see burn marks on your panel
  • Your lights keep flickering
  • Using multiple appliances trips breakers
  • You hear buzzing or hissing from your walls
  • Your appliances overheat or don't perform well

Contact us now to schedule an electrical panel upgrade in Somerset, New Brunswick, NJ & surrounding.

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