Give Your Pool Lights an Upgrade

Bring power to your pool with swimming pool wiring in Somerset, New Brunswick, NJ & surrounding

Your pool needs electricity to take care of its various functions, from filtering out leaves and bugs to illuminating the deep end. Norman Ray Fisher Electric works on swimming pool wiring so that all the electrical components of your pool work the way they should.

We take every precaution when working on your pool wiring. With water and electricity in such close proximity, we need to be extra careful and precise in our installation work.

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Set up pool electric wiring at your private or public swimming pool

Every pool can benefit from lighting and heating, from the one in your backyard to the one in the gym. We focus on pool electric wiring so you can relax in your pool in peace.

We'll work on your:

  • Pool lighting
  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Heaters
  • Time clocks

You can also automate parts of your pool like the pump and the lighting, so they're easier to control.

Contact us now to learn more about pool electric wiring in and around Somerset & New Brunswick, NJ.

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